About PhotoAcademy

FotoAkademija started its activity in 2005. PhotoAcademy is created for those who do not have enough friends' advice and Internet resources, and who do not want to remain amateurs in the world of photography. This is a unique space in Latvia, where the best masters offer to see the world through the lens of their camera.

When starting studies Photo at the Academy, You get to the center of the Latvian photo world - we inform you about all important events (exhibitions, master classes, competitions), offer participation in various photo-related projects, practical classes and competitions, hold free open lectures, provide internship opportunities, offer to view the latest issues of photo magazines .

We are a photo and video school where we offer inspiring and professional training courses in photography and videography. Our vision is to promote creativity and develop skills in the fields of photography and videography, offering quality education and the opportunity to get to know this exciting art form.

With our expert team of experienced photographers and videographers, we provide a variety of courses to suit all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. We believe in a personal approach and hands-on training, helping our students develop skills and understanding of artistic and technical aspects.

Our school offers a variety of courses, from the basics to specialist topics such as portrait photography, product photography, editing and video art. We strive to create a stimulating and friendly environment where our students can develop their skills, share experiences and gain the necessary confidence in their work.

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If you have suggestions for the development of PhotoAcademy, we will be happy to hear your ideas!

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We offer a private photo training course with Zoom in Latvian

Study comfortably from home, join in!

Get an individual approach photos and videography learning with our private lessons Zoom on the platform. We offer personal lessons where professional instructors will help you develop your skills and understanding of photo and video art.

How does it work:

  1. Apply: Choose a time that suits you and apply for a private lesson. (One session 50Eur/ 1 hour, 100Eur/ 2 hours)
  2. Individual Lessons: Get a one-on-one learning experience by connecting with a photography instructor online.
  3. Uses Technologies: Learn with the convenience of Zoom without leaving your home.

How about a private photo training course?

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