Drone pilot training courses

Drone pilot training courses for companies and individuals

Fotoakademija.lv offers drone pilot training courses designed to give you everything you need to become a professional drone pilot. The courses are suitable for both beginners and experienced drone users.

Course program:

1. Theoretical part:

  • Construction and principles of operation of drones
  • Aviation legislation and regulation
  • Flight planning and safety
  • Airspace charts and navigation
  • Taking photos and videos with a drone
  • Data processing and editing

2. Practical part:

  • Flying a drone simulator
  • Hands-on outdoor drone flights
  • Photography and filming tasks
  • Data processing and editing practices

As a result of learning the course:

  • You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of drone technology and aviation regulation.
  • You will learn the skills needed to operate a drone safely and effectively.
  • You will learn how to take quality photos and videos with a drone.
  • You will learn data processing and editing skills.

Course duration:

  • 4 weeks

Course price:

  • 400 EUR


  • You can apply for the course on the website fotoakademija.lv: URL fotoakademija.lv or by writing to e-mail.

Drone pilot training courses are a great opportunity to learn new skills and enter the exciting world of drone technology.

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