Program: Private lessons in filming and photography with a drone

Lecturer Valters Preimanis,

1. Introduction to the world of drones

  • Getting to know drone technology and capabilities
  • Learning safety rules when using drones

2. Preparing and flying the drone

  • Drone assembly and setup
  • Practical lessons with flying and stabilization technique
  • Basics of rapid problem solving

3. Basics of photography

  • How to prepare a drone for photography
  • Principles of composition and light
  • Hands-on lessons with drone photography

4. Video filming with a drone

  • Perception of moving images and creation of composition
  • Learning recording techniques and recording solutions
  • Assembly basics and successful material preparation

5. Legal aspects

  • Drone usage rules and licensing requirements
  • Privacy and security issues

6. Obtaining a certificate

  • Practical examination and assignments
  • Receiving a certificate of completion of classes

7. Individual consultations and project development

  • Personal review of works
  • Development and implementation of an individual project

8. Future development

  • Opportunities to further develop skills and build a network of specialists

Additional information:

  • Each lesson lasts 2 hours
  • Lessons take place outdoors unless otherwise instructed
  • Personal drone and laptop required

You can apply by contacting via Facebook: [] or by calling: [220–77–202].