Photo courses

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Moreover, photography today has become not only a form of artistic expression, but also a highly valued commodity. It not only allows you to discover the world of your emotions and thoughts, but also opens up the opportunity to improve yourself in the professional sphere and acquire a new identity.

FotoAcademia's photo course programs are designed so that upon completion of the course, you will have not only an insight into the technical and creative aspects of modern photography, but also knowledge and skills that you could apply in your professional activities. Here, professional photographers will help you learn the theoretical aspects, giving you the opportunity to learn and supplement your ideas about light, color, composition and genre. An important part of the training is also your independent work and homework.

The courses are aimed at listeners with different levels of preparation. There are no more than 10 people in groups. At the end of the course, you receive a certificate.

Course participants are provided with coffee breaks.


    • When you study one course with us, you get a 10% discount for studying another course!
    • When you come as a couple, you both get a 10% discount!

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You can apply for courses using the quick contact form and specifying the name of the course.

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