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Photo sessions for companies - enter the Photo Academy

The photo academy is a place where the best masters offer to see the world through the lens of their camera. We are a photo and video school where we offer inspiring and professional training courses in photography and videography.

Why choose us?:

  • Expert team: Our instructors are experienced photographers and videographers who provide a variety of courses for all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.
  • Personal approach: We believe in personal training and hands-on teaching, helping to develop skills and understanding of artistic and technical aspects.
  • An inspiring environment: We create a stimulating and friendly environment where our students can develop their skills, share experiences and gain the necessary confidence in their work.

Photo services

Photo Academy offers a wide range of photo services for businesses to help you stand out from the competition and achieve your business goals.

Our offer:

  • Photo courses for companies: Designed so that by the end of the course, you would have not only an insight into the technical and creative aspects of modern photography, but also knowledge and skills that you could apply in your professional activities.
  • Private photo training for companies: Learn comfortably from your workplace with individual lessons on the Zoom platform. Professional instructors will help you develop your skills and understanding of photo and video art.
  • Staff photo sessions:
    • Professional portrait photos that reflect your company's professionalism and team spirit.
    • We offer a variety of services to tailor a photo shoot to your needs.
  • Product photos:
    • High-quality product photos that will help attract customers' attention and increase sales.
    • We photograph products in the studio or at your company.
    • We offer photo editing services to ensure a perfect result.
    • Product photos on a white background: Classic product photos, ideal for online stores and catalogs.
    • In the context of product photography: Photographs showing the product in use.
    • Detailed product photos: Photos that highlight the most important details of the product.
    • 360° product photos: Interactive photos that allow the customer to view the product from all sides.
  • Company video ads:
    • Engaging and professional video ads that will help your business stand out from the competition.
    • We offer a full video production cycle from script development to finished advertisement.
    • We'll work with you to create a video that fits your target audience and budget.
    • Promotional video: short and dynamic videos that will help attract customers' attention and drive sales.
    • Presentation video: informative videos that introduce your company, products or services.

Why choose Photo Academy?:

  • Expert team: Our instructors and photographers are experienced professionals who will provide the best result for your business.
  • Personal approach: We listen carefully to your wishes and needs to ensure the perfect result.
  • An inspiring environment: We create a positive and creative atmosphere in which your company's employees will feel comfortable and confident.

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