Distance learning

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Procedure for taking a distance learning or online course

The student submits an application on the FotoAkademija website, specifying the selected curriculum and his contact information (tel. no., e-mail address and personal code). FotoAkademija sends an invoice for 1/2 of the tuition fee. After paying the invoice, the instructor sends a letter-notification to the student e-mail address about the start of studies in the given course, while the listener confirms the receipt of the letter. The learning process can begin.
The instructor offers access to the learning materials and tasks/tests of the first week of study in the Internet environment. During the first weekend, the student of the course sends completed homework or a test to the teacher.
Within 5 working days, the instructor reviews the completed tasks and sends the student a review (comments) about the completed work. In the following weeks, the learning process is similar to the first week of learning.
The course is considered to have been successfully completed if the course participant completes all tasks/tests on time within 10 working days of receiving the task/test and receives a positive assessment (passed) for the completed work. At the end of the training course, the student takes a final test. The schedule of classes is agreed with the teacher individually, but not exceeding the duration of 2 months from the start of classes.
On-line training is simple and convenient. Teaching principle - classes (lectures) take place in real time, the teacher and the student can be in different geographical points, the main thing is that you have a computer and an Internet connection. The lecturer gives a lecture, the listener sees on his monitor everything that the lecturer shows and tells (as in a regular lecture in the auditorium). Advantages of online training:
  • you can freely ask the teacher a question during the lecture by voice or by writing,
  • you hear and see questions asked by other course participants,
  • the instructor can talk to each of the course participants,
  • you can study without leaving your home.

The learning process takes place with the help of a special communication program, which the teacher offers to install before starting the lessons. After the lecture, additional theoretical study materials are also offered to strengthen the acquired knowledge.


Vadim Morozov

Vadim Morozov

Photo course Photography for the beginner Working with the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop CS
Duration 8 lessons 
11 lessons
Language of instruction Latvian/Russian Latvian/Russian
The price 138 EUR  165 EUR
Schedule Distance learning Online training
A discount of 10% is applied to PhotoAcademy students taking a second course with us and to those who attend the course as a couple.

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