A three (3) month plan to learn portrait photography

a basic 3-month lesson plan for learning portrait photography

Here is a 3-month plan for learning portrait photography for beginners, assuming a practice schedule of 2 hours per week:

Month 1: Basics of portrait photographyi

  • Week 1: Introduction to Photography - Learn about the exposure triangle (ISO, camera shutter speed and aperture).
  • Week 2: Introduction to Portrait Photography. Understand what makes a good portrait photo.
  • Week 3: Camera Settings for Portraits - Learn the best camera settings for different types of portraits.
  • Week 4: Practice. Take portraits of family or friends and experiment with different settings.

Month 2: Lighting and Composition

  • Week 1: Natural Light Portraits - Learn how to use natural light in portrait photography.
  • Week 2. Understanding Composition - Learn about the rule of thirds, leading lines, and other compositional techniques.
  • Week 3: Advanced lighting techniques. Learn about using reflectors, diffusers and artificial light sources.
  • Week 4: Practice. Experiment with different lighting conditions and compositions.

Month 3: Post-processing and styling

  • Week 1: Introduction to post processing. Learn about editing software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Week 2: Basic Editing Techniques - Learn how to adjust the exposure, contrast and colors of your photos.
  • Week 3: Developing Your Style - Learn about the different styles of portrait photography and start developing your own.
  • Week 4: Practice and Review - Edit your photos from previous weeks and review your progress.

Remember, the key to improvement is consistent practice and constructive feedback. Consider sharing your work with others and asking for their feedback. Happy shooting! 📸.

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