Long-term timelapse and hyperlapse photography in winter conditions

Captures the passage of time and the changing colors of the season

Winter magic in motion pictures

Winter is a wonderful season that offers a unique opportunity to capture the beauty of nature as the weather changes. Long-term timelapse and hyperlapse photography in winter presents the wonderful rays of the sun, the magic of snow and the changing facial expressions of nature.

Photographer Valters Preimanis

What does long-term time-lapse and hyper-lapse mean in photography?


Timelapse is a technique where multiple frames are combined to create a video in which time seems to move faster than everyday. It gives an opportunity to observe the course of nature and human activity, recording the changing scene over a long period of time.


Hyperlapse is a timelapse addition where the camera moves along a certain trajectory, giving the impression that the view is moving through the scene. This technique adds dynamism to the video and offers a different perspective on the landscape and objects.

Why shoot in winter?

Seasonal weather conditions:

Winter offers a rich spectrum of scenes – from the first layers of snow to the rays of the sun shining on the white presence. Long term timelapse and hyperlapse allows you to capture and experience these seasonal changes.

Winter magic in photography

Outdoor landscapes and city lights embody a special winter magic in the games. Photos and videos allow you to share this mood and capture the beauty of winter in a long-term perspective.

Developing technical skills:

Photo and video techniques Use:

Long-term timelapse and hyperlapse require knowledge of photo and video techniques to obtain high-quality results. Our school offers training courses to develop these skills and introduce the latest photo and video equipment solutions.

Editing Techniques:

Editing skills are required to create fluid and exciting long timelapse and hyperlapse videos. Our photography experts (Photography teacher Valters Preimanis) provides knowledge about using timelapse software and creative ways of editing.

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