FotoAcademy's photo/video plein airs is a place where the best masters offer to see the world through the lens of their camera. We are a photo and video school where we offer inspiring and professional training courses in photography and videography. Our vision is to promote creativity and develop skills in the fields of photography and videography, offering quality education and the opportunity to get to know this exciting art form.

Photo and video plein air, organized by Fotoakadē in Latvia, is a great opportunity to get to know and express your creativity using a camera. These plein airs are like little travel adventures where you can try different photography techniques and see everyday objects from a new perspective. The main thing is not a professional camera or in-depth technical knowledge, but the desire to create and the existence of any kind of camera.

An interesting topic is thought up for each photo walk, and a route is developed so that the participants can get to know and photograph various objects. The duration of the walk is usually 4-6 hours. Such walks not only allow you to spend time with like-minded people, but also to look at old familiar objects in a different way, discover beauty in everyday things and learn new photography tricks.

So, if you have a desire to create and enjoy the world of photography, come to the open air of the Photo Academy and join a friendly and warm company! 📸🌟

To participate Photo academies plein air, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Photo Academy website: Enter On the website of the Photo Academy, where you will find information about plein airs and other offers.
  2. Choose plein air: Browse the available plein airs and choose the one that interests you the most. The Photo Academy offers various routes and themed plein airs, such as natural landscapes, city views or portrait photography.
  3. Sign up: Usually, there will be information about registration on the homepage or the page of the specific plein air. Enter your details and apply for plein air.
  4. Follow the directions: After registration, you will receive information about the time, place and preparation of the plein air. Follow the directions to participate in plein air.

If you want one-on-one photo lessons, you can also sign up for private lessons via the Zoom platform. They are comfortable and specially tailored to your needs. Apply, choose a time and get a personalized learning experience from professional instructors.

To enjoy creativity and get to know new photography techniques, come to the Photo Academy plein air and join a friendly company! 📸🌟